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Climate and Ecological Protection Initiative (CEPI) was conceived and birthed, all because we realized that little good intent counts towards the protection and preservation of our ecosystem. 


We are a non-for-profit organization with a genuine passion for the active and measurable reduction of carbon emission. We believe in sustaining the right balance between a population, and the carrying capacity of an environment upon which the population depends.  


We are of the opinion that every human should develop to express its full potential, without adversely or irreversibly affecting the biosphere… 


This is the force that drives our passion!


We are convinced that in seeking to transition to sustainability, of which the active reduction of greenhouse gas emission is a part; at least three things are fundamental:


  1. A shift in the behavioral disposition of how we use (and misuse) our environment.

  2. No piecemeal approach - by way of emphasizing some aspects while neglecting others - would yield an effective lasting result that we seek.

  3. The full involvement of government to create policy-relevant pathways, and the enforcement of such policies.

Our mission is to be a part of the process that enables Nigeria to achieve its low carbon economy goals, by leveraging on strategic collaborations and thereby creating a sustainable and healthy environment for everyone…one action at a time. 


Our vision is to see Nigeria become a zero-carbon economy by the end of the century. 


Our strategy is to segment the project. Our theme word is FOCUS - One action at a time.


Our experts are resourced to optimize strategy and business models while creating and capturing value.

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